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Harney & Sons Fine Tea

by Susan O'Connor

The journey of Harney & Sons Fine Tea began 40 years ago in New York, in John Harney’s basement.  The owner of an Inn at the time, John served his homemade special brews to his guests and the rest is history!

They have two shop locations in New York, one in trendy SOHO and the other in the scenic Hudson Valley of Millerton where you can explore the world of tea and have a delicious lunch.  

Peruse their selection of over 300 premium tea varieties, sourced from the world’s finest tea regions. From timeless classics like Earl Grey to their distinctive blends such as their seasonal Irish Breakfast and bestseller Paris, and a diverse range including Matcha and adventurous options like Bamboo, there’s a tea for every palate. Every cup reflects their dedication to expertise and uncompromising commitment to quality.

Included in their specialty teas are “Art Teas,” which bloom flowers!  “A sight to behold, art teas take tea drinking to another level. For most teas, the taste of the tea is the most important feature, but here, the large white buds have a subtle flavor, and the focus is on the visual beauty of these blooming teas! Once you place a bulb in hot water, it blossoms, revealing a beautiful flower inside.”

They also sell cool wares and gifts, such whimsical t-shirts, teapots and mugs, and beautiful stoneware matcha bowls.  

Don’t forget to check out their website where you’ll find a quiz on how to find your perfect tea, as well as recipes to make a cocktail like an Apricot Blossom using the Orange Pekoe tea, and a delightful Earl Grey Blueberry Milkshake

By Susan O’Connor

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