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Sarris Candies – Has You Covered!

by Gabby

Frank Sarris’ chocolate journey began in his basement, where he made small batches of candy for his lovely wife, Athena, and family and friends.  By 1963 his basement became too small for his growing business, so he opened a little shop next to his house.  Five years later, the house was demolished to make room for yet another expansion, as well as the addition of an old-fashioned ice-cream parlor!

Now 60 years later, Sarris Candies has become a cult favorite and incredibly popular – from a small basement shop to a charming and delectable candy empire!  The company has remained in the family and when Frank passed away in 2010, his son, Bill, took over as CEO.  Bill and the rest of the Sarris family has expanded to over 1,800 locations in more than 11 states. 

The Sarris story is “about more than just candy— it’s a testament to the American dream, showing how love, passion, and a bit of sugar can create something truly special.”

Today the candy company, located in Canonsburg Pennsylvania, has become a landmark and offers everything from boxed chocolates to ice-cream to their popular “Bash Cakes” and humorous Pittsburgh Pothole Filler™ – freshly popped popcorn dunked in rich dark chocolate, YUM!  

The Sarris website features all their goodies, as well as merchandise, custom label and wrapper service and even family recipes.  We are excited to try the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cookies using Sarris’ Milk Chocolate Blossoms!  

They also provide special seasonal catalogs for holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Easter.  

Whatever your sweet tooth is craving, Sarris Candies has you covered…chocolate covered that is! 

By Susan O’Connor

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