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Sharon Stone – Welcome to My Garden

by Gabby

While Sharon Stone is most known for being an iconic actress and global cultural leader, her Basic Instincts and profound talent in painting are currently the talk of the town!

Stone has been painting since early childhood and was influenced by the talent of her Aunt Vonne’s murals that filled the walls of their family home.  During the pandemic, Stone became laser-focused about her artmaking and embarked on a new creative journey, which led her to paint a thought-provoking body of work entitled, “Welcome to my Garden.”  

Sharon and Tiffany Benincasa; owner and curator of C. Parker Gallery

Stone created her works “to understand the essence of pure creativity that comes from heartfelt truth, to let go of the noise, the judgements, and the pollution of our societal pulls.”  Her connection to nature is prevalent and her use of color is instrumental in the vibrant landscapes of her imagination.  She paints every day, four to 17 hours a day!

The art exhibition showcases 19 paintings by Stone and marks the debut of her artwork beyond the confines of Los Angeles. Collectors and prominent figures in the art world, such as Jerry Saltz (Senior Art Critic for New York Magazine and Pulitzer Prize winner for Criticism), commend Stone’s artistic endeavors. Stone’s captivating slideshows featuring her paintings are making a significant impact on Instagram. Sharon Stone reflects on her creative process, stating, “I crafted these pieces to explore the pure creativity stemming from genuine truth, to release the noise, judgments, and societal influences.”

Reflections by Sharon Stone

Her remarkable talents and keen powers of observation seamlessly translate onto the canvas. Stone’s ability to keenly observe and interpret human behavior, transforming human vulnerabilities into wellsprings of strength, is evident in her art—manifesting as combative, conquering, and triumphant. The visual presence of her connection to nature remains a consistent and integral aspect of her work.

We are very excited to share that the paintings are on exhibit at the C. Parker Gallery in Greenwhich, Connecticut through December 10th.  The presentation ignites the gallery’s tenth year anniversary season.  The gallery is located at 409 Greenwich Avenue, only a 40-minute train ride from New York City.  

By Susan O’Connor

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