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VinGardeValise – A Suitcase for Wine

by Susan O'Connor

Whether you’re going away for a long weekend or coming back from a winery, you’ll love knowing that your favorite bottles of wine are along for the ride — and safe from breakage. The VinGardeValise by FlyWithWine is a line of tough suitcases designed with dense foam inserts to cradle and protect wine bottles.  

Wine Suitcase

The VinGardeValise suitcase is a must-have for wine lovers who refuse to leave their favorite bottles behind! It’s like having a VIP seat for your vino wherever you go. This clever piece of luggage doesn’t just carry wine; it cradles it with love and protection. Imagine your bottles snugly nestled in a customizable foam interior, shielded from any bumps or knocks during your travels. No more worrying about arriving at your destination only to find broken corks and a sad puddle of wine in your suitcase—thanks to the VinGardeValise!

It also acts as a traditional suitcase so you can easily pack clothes, accessories and other personal items. The VinGardeValise comes in three sizes, the Grande 12 Bottle, the Petite 8 Bottle, and the Piccolo 5 Bottle, as well as a choice of three colors, black, silver or burgundy. FlyWithWine also sells accessories, like a Personalized Luggage Nameplate and Wine Chiller Sheets!

What’s really cool about this suitcase is its adaptability. It’s not just for sommeliers and wine connoisseurs (although they’ll definitely appreciate it!). Whether you’re off to a wine festival, a weekend getaway, or a beach picnic, the VinGardeValise has your back—or should I say, your bottles! Plus, it’s a real conversation starter. People can’t help but be impressed when they see you rolling through with a suitcase that’s basically a wine cellar on wheels. With the VinGardeValise in tow, every trip becomes a celebration waiting to happen. Cheers to that!

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