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The 4 Best Ways to Spend Christmas at Gaylord National

by Gabby
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by Gina Gallucci-White 

Each year, the luxurious Gaylord National across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., offers its annual Christmas on the Potomac celebrations. The hotel and conference center is a beautiful place to stay, with all of the amenities. But at Christmastime it’s really special. Here are a bunch of great things to do during Christmas on the Potomac this year.


I Love Christmas Movies

There is something about holiday movies that keep many coming back for multiple viewings, year after year. Gaylord National’s “I Love Christmas Movies” takes that idea and runs with it. “I Love Christmas Movies” puts guests inside a few memorable scenes from five movie classics: “Elf,” “The Polar Express,” “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” “A Christmas Story” and “The Year Without A Santa Claus.” Participants are guided through each scene by a staff member. (Masks are required due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.) Pictures can be taken of the scenes which include the workshop from “Elf,” the Griswold Christmas Eve dinner table and the passenger car from “Polar Express.”

Snowball build & blast- Gaylord-National-Christmas-Washington-DC-Maryland

No Time Like Icy Snow Time

Grab some gloves and get ready to create projectiles while visiting Snowball Build & Blast. Guests each get a bin of snow and fashion snowballs to throw at pipes with different sized openings. This activity is housed within Snow Factory, a mechanized snowy play place in the hotel. Next, hang on to your innertube as you fly down Snow Flow Mountain for ice tubing. Or partake in ice skating or even ice bumper cars. Slide, spin, and bump your friends and family as you zoom around!

The Greatest Story 

Inside the hotel’s atrium, catch “The Greatest Story” musical stage show, telling the story of the birth of Jesus. You can purchase tickets ahead of time for guaranteed seating, or visit for free on a first-come, first-served basis. 

So Much More!

While in the atrium, check out the #LIT light show occurring three times every evening. It’s a high energy celebration with dancing lights and lasers, all set to music.

Other activities will keep you busy for your entire visit. Make a date to decorate gingerbread cookies or houses, try the Build-A-Bear Workshop or win a souvenir while participating in the Merry Snoopy Scavenger Hunt. Photos with Santa and stories with Mrs. Claus are also available.


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