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Brick-tastic adventure awaits at LEGOLAND

by Ana Eastep

by Gina Gallucci-White 

Everything is finally awesome in New York’s Hudson Valley, as a new LEGOLAND has opened its colorful doors this summer.

Only the third LEGOLAND location in the country (Florida and California were first) and ninth in the world, the New York LEGOLAND is the largest, taking up more than 500 acres. 

There aree seven different lands for Lego enthusiasts to enjoy:


1. Brick Street begins the experience as guests walk through the gate into a world appearing to made entirely of the colorful bricks. Have your camera ready to take pictures with a number of LEGO statues. 

2. Bricktopia will feature the park’s exclusive ride — LEGO Factory Adventure — where guests are turned into mini-figures by using facial recognition technology. 


3. Miniland features well-known landmarks but in smaller size. The interactive, animated builds will showcase such familiar Big Apple favorites such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Yankee Stadium. 

4. LEGO Pirates will be the area where you will want to make sure your phone and watch are tucked safely in a plastic bag. Since pirates are not land lovers, prepare to board several boat rides including Splash Battle and Rogue Riders. 


5. LEGO Castle takes guests back in time to the age of the Renaissance when knights were the guardians of the land. Brick lovers can take a ride aboard Merlin’s Flying Machines or on the iconic Dragon rollercoaster. Folks can also test their speed during the Tower Climbing Tournament. 

6. LEGO City will be the place your child can test their driving skills not only in cars as a part of Driving School but also at the Coast Guard Academy in a boat. Be sure to take the extra time to get an official LEGO Driver’s License made. It is a cool souvenir from the experience.

7. LEGO Ninjago World immerses guests in the characters spinjitzu realm with a ninja training camp and two rides to get them ready to take on any bad guys that may threaten their day.

There are several sit-down restaurants, snack carts and quick-serve spots on site to grab a bite to eat before heading back into the park. There are also four souvenir shops inside the park which will carry a number of Lego products you won’t want to leave without.

For those who want to soak up as much Lego as possible, an onsite hotel opens in August, featuring themed rooms including pirates, knights’ kingdom, LEGO Friends and LEGO Ninjago.


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